Relieving you

FlexWorx! will relieve you in the area of the physical effort of flex workers, correlating to your daily production and related staff planning. If desired, in consultation with his team leaders, our Planning Manager will personally contact you on a daily basis. In close consultation with you, the number of flex workers you desire will be made available, the start and ending times will be established and the work to be performed will be discussed.

On the basis of these data and possible supplemental specific information, we select the most suitable flex workers to be employed at your business. In case of repetitive assignments with a fixed interval pattern, we will establish a regular team of flex workers for you. The benefit you can gain from this, is that you do not need to train employees every time. Also, this will create even more express involvement with your company.

Legality and legislation

In the Netherlands, strict regulations are in force where legal and free performance of labour is concerned. In addition to a valid identity document, anyone who works in the Netherlands, or is going to, must have a National Identification Number (BSN).

In addition to these requirements, FlexWorx! deems it important that the address details of their flex workers, who do not make use of the so-called internal lodging, indeed correspond with the details stated. Also the bank account must bear the correct name.

All these details will be checked meticulously by FlexWorx!, before anyone is to be assigned by us.

We also make use of the professional expertise of the IDchecker system by Flextrain. After extensive verification of identity documents and related approval, Flextrain will guarantee the authenticity of the documents and confirm this in a report.

Fines, as a consequence of illegality are, as such, impossible. Should this unexpectedly occur anyway, Flextrain will take responsibility and pay any fines.


Not all of our flex workers are able to speak Dutch, but often they do speak English or German, in addition to their mother tongue. FlexWorx! ensures that language will not form a barrier. On account of safety and work instructions, the flex workers will be supported by our team leaders. They speak the language of the employees employed with you and ensure that giving instructions will cause no problems during the training.


FlexWorx! sees to various vocational trainings for the flex workers. In addition to these vocational trainings, also education in Dutch language is offered, as well as communication skills.


FlexWorx! is reachable, available and deployable 7 days per week and 24 hours per day!

Our service provision is at your disposal 24/7. During regular work hours, you can call telephone number 010-522 64 94. At any other moment, our team is ready for you via our calamity telephone number 06 13 35 48 04.

FlexWorx! has set a goal to offer the most optimal service provision in any case. Our SERVICE and SINCERE COMMITMENT are nothing but obvious for us.