The broad experience, gained by FlexWorx! in various branches allows us to seamlessly fulfil your temporary (or permanent) staff-related wishes. Our service provision aims to eliminate limitations and we think only solution-oriented. This is our strength and proven distinctive capability.

Our specialism is characterised mainly, but not solely, in branches mentioned below. Within many other industries, we can dispose of a sufficient number of well-trained and experienced workers, that we can employ at your business. In most cases this can be realised almost instantly.

  • Graphic service provision
  • Import and export companies
  • Agricultural sector
  • Meat processing industry
  • Packaging sector
  • Mail delivery
  • Metal industry
  • Warehousing/logistics
  • Port area

Examples of work activities performed by our staff:

  • Pick and pack 
  • Order picking 
  • Breaking bulk
  • Manual packing
  • Unloading containers
  • Filling and operating machines in the various branches
  • Conveyor belt and packing activities 
  • Horticulture, all daily activities
  • Handling, sorting and packing of flower bulbs
  • Processing of import flowers
  • Assembly and disassembly of Danish trolleys and other CC products
  • ... and many other work activities