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Anti-discrimination policy for recruitment and selection

General principle

The business operations of FlexWorx! are focused on providing job seekers with fair chances, regardless of their age, gender, civil status, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, race, ethnic origins or nationality.

During recruitment and selection, job seekers are treated equally, because they are only evaluated on criteria that are relevant to the function.


The goal of this policy is to provide employees and third parties with clarity and transparency regarding:

  • How FlexWorx! defines discrimination/discriminatory requests;
  • What the point of view of FlexWorx! is regarding discrimination/discriminatory requests;
  • Actions of the employees:
  • What actions employees are expected to take during their work, especially work (to support the business activities) to do with recruitment and selection;
  • Where the employee can go for consultation and/or to make a report;
  • Responsibilities of the employer.

Definition of discrimination

The definition of discrimination is: to directly or indirectly differentiate between persons based on age, gender, civil status, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, race, ethnic origins or nationality. Discrimination is explicitly also defined as responding to requests from clients to, during recruitment and selection, differentiate between persons based on criteria that are not essential or relevant for proper functioning in the role.

Point of view of FlexWorx!

FlexWorx! renounces every form of discrimination.
Requests of clients to consider certain criteria during recruitment and selection, will only be granted in case of objective justification. Objective justification applies if the selection according to certain criteria:

  • Has a legitimate goal. This means that there is a good - function related - reason for selection on certain criteria during recruitment and selection (an example of a legitimate goal is safety);
  • Results in achieving the legitimate goal; the end justifies the means;
  • Stands in reasonable relation to the goal; it is in proportion to the goal;
  • Is necessary because there is no other, less differentiating way to achieve the goal; the necessity criteria is complied with.

FlexWorx! will not tolerate any of our employees being discriminated against by third parties. This includes our employees who work under the instructions and supervision of a hirer.

Actions of the employer

The employees have their own responsibility to be alert for clients making requests of a discriminatory nature, recognising such requests and making sure that these requests are not complied with.
If the employee has any doubts about whether or not there is reasonable justification for a client’s request to consider certain criteria during recruitment and selection, or if they have any questions about how to deal with a request, the employee can consult with operational manager Ronald de Boer.
If the employee identifies discrimination and wants to address it, wants to report malpractices and misbehaviour and/or has a confidential problem, they can contact Ronald de Boer. If this does not have the result the employee hoped for, the employee can contact the manager.

Responsibilities of the employee

FlexWorx! is responsible for:
Creating a safe working climate where people treat each other with respect, where there is room for constructive discussion, and undesirable behaviour in any form is prevented and tackled.

The awareness and implementation of this discrimination policy. This includes making sure that the employees:

  • Are informed about and familiar with the policy. Upon employment, the policy is shared and read attentively.
  • Have received proper instructions about how to identify discrimination and discriminatory requests. 
  • Are prepared for situations during which they are confronted with a discriminatory request, and know how to handle and lead the conversation with clients. 
  • The evaluation and assessment of this policy.


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